Networking App

We’re all about networking at Open FinTech Forum. Expand your open source community connections by finding and scheduling one-on-one meeting time with others whose interests run parallel to your own. Use the Open FinTech Forum networking app to make the most of your onsite experience.

The Networking App uses a unique algorithm to provide you with tailored recommendations of people to meet at Open FinTech Forum. From the app, you will be able to schedule face-to-face meetings to be held at the conference with your mutual connections.

Step 1 – Sign In
Sign in to the community by clicking here. It works on every device and you don’t have to download anything. (The event code will be emailed out to all attendees; please email if you have questions or did not receive it)

Step 2 – About Yourself
Each person answers a few questions about themselves and who they would like to meet (offering and seeking). After this, Brella’s unique algorithm recommends the most relevant connections for you.

Step 3 – View Attendees
Scroll through the connections and begin scheduling your meetings.

Step 4 – Book Meetings
Once you find a person with whom you would like to meet, click on Suggest Meeting. After clicking you can select a potential time.

Step 5 – Download the Brella App
Download the App from the App Store & Google Play – use the event code emailed to all attendees.

There will be an exclusive Networking Area available for you to:

  • Set up meetings with your mutual connections
  • If the other person accepts your request, you can decide the location of the meeting with the help of the Brella chat.
  • Once you schedule meetings, use the app to keep track of your scheduled meetings
  • Meet in the Networking Area at the assigned date/time and at the assigned table for a 15-minute meeting networking chat





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