We’ve recently added tutorials to ONS EU!  Tutorials are open to all ONS EU attendees and are complementary to attend; Pre-registration may be required. 

Edge is the Catalyst for Cloud Ready / 5G
Presented by Intel

Date: Tuesday, September 25
Time: 9:00 – 11:45
Room: G102 (First Level)
Cost: Complimentary to attend; pre-registration required

Join us for this tutorial which will address the following:

1. Edge Datacenter (NGCO)
Presented by Rory Browne, Intel

Over the next decade, Next Generation Central Office will be a key strategic location for NFV and service delivery for Telcos, OTT and industry verticals. NGCO will drive fixed mobile convergence and new services, transforming the network, increasing business agility and offering new user experiences.

2. MEC : What’s in it for 5G Ready Developers?
Presented by Sujata Tibrewala, Networking Communities Manager, Intel

ETSI views Multi Access Edge Computing as a third party trusted application deployment framework at the edge of the network. This talk will talk about how it is relevant for 5G as a service-based architecture? What is in it for developers, with application development skills, orchestration and management skills, virtualization and platform SW skills and System integration skills and also adjacent VNF providers?

3. Kubernetes and Network Function Virtualization (NFV): Friends or Foes
Presented by Ivan Coughlan, Intel; Feng Pan, Red Hat; Gergely Csatari, Nokia

Kubernetes(K8s) is typically used to run workloads of production web applications at massive scale. While NFV control plane functions are similar to the usual K8s workloads, data plane functions differ greatly and require special attention in order that the capabilities of K8s can be extended to support NFV use cases.

In this talk, we describe a collaborative effort of creating an NFV ecosystem and establishing open source Cloud Native Networking in kubernetes to address challenges towards commercialization. This work spans K8s resource management and networking to support NUMA, CPU pinning & isolation, Multiple networks and high-performance network I/O with SR-IOV, Device Plugins and Userspace networking. This talk will discuss these efforts and their current status and provide an opportunity for those interested to learn more about joining the effort to further these solutions upstream.

4. When vSwitch Meets Kata Container
Presented by Hongjun Ni & Samuel Ortiz, Intel

SR-IOV and vSwitch is an important NFVI technology for Telco NFV infrastructure. On top of DPDK, SR-IOV and vSwitch can support the fast data path to VM, Bare-Metal Container. With the new release of Kata Container 1.0 in May ’2018, Here is a technical session on how to support Kata Container to gain the next level of security isolation and flexible VNF provision. The talk will walk through the integration on K8S, Container Network Plug-in(CNI), Multus CNI, Kata Container with OVN/OVS together.

Delivering Networking Services Using Cloud Native Methodology
Presented by Huawei

Date: Tuesday, September 25
Time: 9:00 – 11:30
Room: G103 (First Level)
Cost: Complimentary to attend; pre-registration required.

The term ‘Cloud Native’ abounds. But what exactly does it mean and how can network services be delivered using its paradigms? What are the adoption challenges and how may we solve them? In this tutorial, we will introduce emerging concepts, best practices, and potential solutions that are developing within the Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) using modern, open source technologies. A live session will concretely demystify how example network services can be developed and continuously deployed using an iterative, cloud-native methodology. Whether you are active developers, product managers, technologists, or service provider operation or business specialists, this tutorial can help you deepen your understanding or get you started on delivering network services using cloud-native methodology.

Is the OpenDaylight Project a Dying Star?
Presented by Tom Nadeau, Ariel Adam, and Frederick Kautz, Red Hat

Date: Wednesday, September 26
Time: 16:10 – 17:20
Room: G109 (First Level)
Cost: Complimentary to attend; pre-registration is NOT required.

Join us for this tutorial which will address the (mis)perception in the industry that The OpenDaylight Project is a dying star. We will challenge this statement and provide quite the contrary by showing insights into how the Opendaylight intends to evolve going forward. We will show how Opendaylight can be used as a networking platform engaging in new initiatives such as K8S, VPP/fd.io, Ansible, multi cloud\hybrid cloud etc…





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