Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) has been the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for the past 13 years for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products. After a decade of collaboration, the conference extended its scope to include user-space developers – the people building applications on embedded Linux – and has become the preeminent space for product vendors as well as kernel and systems developers to collaborate with these influential technologists.

OpenIoT Summit is a technical conference for the developers and architects working on industrial IoT. The new industrial transformation – Industry 4.0 – requires a highly skilled pool of software engineers, developers, programmers and architects, specializing in a number of disciplines across the ecosystem.

OpenIoT Summit joins the technical experts paving the way for this transformation, along with those looking to develop the skills needed to succeed, for education, collaboration and deep dive learning opportunities. Unlike other IoT events, OpenIoT Summit is specifically for technologists. It is a technical event created to serve the unique needs of system architects, firmware developers and software developers in the booming IoT ecosystem. Experts from the world’s leading companies and open source projects will present the information needed to lead successful IoT developments and progress the development of IoT solutions.

The ELC/OpenIoT Summit brought together all of the critical participants in two deeply connected ecosystems - the embedded systems that run on devices and the frameworks that connect those devices. It is a small community of the brightest minds talking openly and sharing ideas. We found being there invaluable.


Who Attends

Kernel Developers and System Developers

User Space Developers

Product Vendors

System Architects

Firmware Developers

Software Developers

Application Developers

Benefits of Attending

Recruit Top Technical Talent

Showcase products, services and new technologies

Support the industrial IoT ecosystem

Gain mindshare and brand visibility

And much more...

What Attendees are Saying