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October 15 - 17, 2019
Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre
Vancouver, British Columbia


OpenAPI Initiative’s API Specifications Conference (ASC) is a place for API practitioners to come together and discuss the evolution of API technology. ASC includes cutting edge technology keynotes and sessions that chart the future of APIs, in-depth specification and standards discussions and an extensive tutorial track. The event is designed to be highly interactive with plenty of discussion time through workshop and un-conference style sessions in order to facilitate interaction.

OpenAPI Specification, RAML, API Blueprint, gRPC, OData, JSON Schema, GraphQL, AsyncAPI and other formats will all be topics at the event, enabling attendees to get familiar with these formats and discuss how to use them in practice.

Who Attends?
API practitioners including API developers, API Operations teams, API Designers and Enterprise Architects. Content at the event will range from beginner introductions to API specifications all the way through best practice and cutting edge specialist topics.

Benefits of Attending
Attending the event you’ll learn about API specifications and API technical trends in the market today, as well as to be able to engage with many of those involved in creating the specification languages themselves.

By attending the event you will come away with a deeper understanding of API best practices, specifications, tooling and best practices, as well as the ability to provide inputs and API specification language designers.



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