December 11-12, 2019
Palais des Congrès de Montréal
Montreal, Canada


Program Committee

Node+JS Interactive Program Committee Process and Guidelines

Program Committee
Co-Chairs – 2 co-chairs, Tracy Hinds and Christian Bromann
Review Committee – There will be a minimum of 10 reviewers. A call for nominations will be distributed week of May 13 and left open through June 14 – all nominations will be accepted.

What is the role of a reviewer on the Review Committee?
The committee members will review and score session submissions while keeping in mind what will bring the highest value to attendees, thereby helping shape the content to make Node+JS Interactive a successful event. The Program Committee members will select topics that are deemed educational, informational, and useful for attendees.

What is the time commitment to be a reviewer?
Approximately 8 hours during a 6-week timeframe. You will review a subset of the submissions through an online portal. There will be a training call and documented instructions on the system prior to beginning the review process.

As a reviewer, can I submit a speaking proposal?
Yes. The proposals you submit will be reviewed by other reviewers who do not have a conflict of interest with your submission (i.e., work for the same company, on the same project, etc.).

Review Process
On Monday, June 24, you will receive the proposals in a Google Doc in addition to being able to access the portal. All reviews will be done within the portal; the spreadsheet is for reference, searching, sorting, etc. You have from June 24 – July 8 to submit your reviews. Once the review period is complete, the review committee will meet with the co-chairs – week of July 15 to discuss the proposals. During this call, the co-chairs will discuss which talks will not be accepted, borderline talks, etc. If additional reviews are needed, they will be done the week of July 15.

From here, the co-chairs will lay out the agenda and a list of final sessions will be sent to the review committee for reference. Submitters will be notified of their acceptance/decline status on July 31, then the schedule announced the week of August 5.

Overall Timeline:
CFP Open: Wednesday, May 8, 2019
CFP Close: Friday, June 21, 2019
CFP Notifications: Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Schedule Announced: Week of August 5, 2019
Event Dates: December 11-12, 2019



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