Note to Attendees:

The LF Energy Global Summit is intentionally designed to support your need for capacity building and to facilitate community. We are going for substance first! Our venue is small and intimate, our program seeks maximum impact.

Our goal for the LF Energy Summit 2019 is to ensure that all participants have a clear understanding of the benefits and best practices of a leveraged/shared development model. We have invited a few heroes and experts in the open source world so that together we can learn from the best. At the end of the day on Tuesday you will be familiar with the business case for open source, understand what works and what doesn’t, plus you will have a high-level view of the roadmap that can lead your organization towards innovation and accelerated transformation to meet the challenges of now and what comes next.  We want to insure that you have a perspective about what strategic alignment and strategic dependencies might look like in terms of achieving your digitalization goals.
Secondly, we have designed the Summit to maximize case studies and lessons learned from other industries. Bringing technology giants who have leveraged hyper-scaling have a lot to teach us to see where the opportunities are and where the pitfalls might be in our journey towards decarbonization.
We cannot solve for the future with the brain that created the problems of today. Multidisciplinary thinking rules! Come join us.