January 13 - 16, 2020
Prague Congress Center
Prague, Czech Republic


Rules of Engagement

Open Platform for NFV Project (OPNFV) is pleased to present the OPNFV PlugFest (the “PlugFest”). This represents an opportunity for participating suppliers within the OPNFV ecosystem (each a “Participant”) to try out their products in a controlled, laboratory environment and to receive feedback with respect to the interoperability of those products within an OPNFV environment.

In order to encourage participation in the PlugFest, we have created these Rules of Engagement. As a requirement to participating in the PlugFest, all Participants (and their employees and independent contractors) must comply with these Rules of Engagement. Participation in the PlugFest means agreement to these Rules of Engagement.

The PlugFest is not a certification process, and Participants will not be able to say that their hardware is “OPNFV Compliant” following the PlugFest. Instead, Participants should expect to receive interoperability data with respect to their products.

As you can imagine, any one Participant may learn some information as a result of the PlugFest regarding the performance and/or features of other Participants’ products. If you are not comfortable with other Participants possibly learning information about your products, we recommend that you not participate in the PlugFest.

The PlugFest will be hosted at a third party facility (the “Test Lab”) on behalf of OPNFV. Neither OPNFV nor the Test Lab will have any liability to any Participant or any third party arising from or related to the PlugFest including, without limitation, any publication of PlugFest performance and/or interoperability data.  

Following conclusion of the PlugFest, results from the PlugFest will be published and these results may contain information as to the interoperability of other test environment components including, without limitation, of other participants’ products. From the start of the PlugFest and either for sixty (60) calendar days following its conclusion or until the publication of the official PlugFest report, whichever comes first (the “Privacy Period”), no Participant may publicly disclose any results of the PlugFest.

We ask that only the final, official report issued by the OPNFV be publicly quoted or reproduced. We recommend that participants not disseminate anecdotal information that cannot be verified or confirmed in the final, official report.

In addition, Participants agree that in no event shall the results from the PlugFest be used for comparative marketing purposes.

We reserve the right to terminate any Participant’s continued participation in the PlugFest or to refuse access to any future PlugFest to any Participant that has failed to comply with these Rules of Engagement.

Thank you for your interest in the PlugFest, and if you have any questions, please email events@linuxfoundation.org.