Contributor Celebration

Sunday, November 17 | 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: Quartyard (1301 Market Street, San Diego, CA 92101)

Join us for a social get-together in the Quartyard on Market Street in San Diego. Enjoy the informal, flexible setting with food, drink, and games all accompanied by live music. A great setting to get-to-know your other contributors before the workshops and discussions the next day!

This event is only open to registered attendees.


New Contributors
Monday, November 18

Welcome! If you want to contribute upstream to the Kubernetes project, you’ve come to the right place! The New Contributor Workshops are full day workshops, so please make sure to pick the level that is right for you.

New Contributor Workshop – Beginner Content
This workshop will help a complete newcomer to Kubernetes get a running start as a contributor. Learn how to set up your developer environment, how to find your first issue, and how to navigate the Kubernetes GitHub workflow. We will focus on a community approach to solving challenges, and on being good open source citizens.

New Contributor Workshop – Intermediate Content
This workshop focuses on the more experienced open source contributor. You may have sent patches to Kubernetes before, but may have gotten stuck or overwhelmed somewhere along the line. Take your contributor journey to the next level by learning about the main Kubernetes code base, how to build and test Kubernetes, and how to find reviewers and collaborators for your patches.

SIG Meet & Greet
The SIG Meet and Greet is a great place for SIGs to recruit contributors, and for aspiring contributors to get to know more about the SIGs and what they do.

New Contributor Track at capacity.

New Contributor At Capacity

Active Contributors
Monday, November 18

We are still accepting session proposals until September 9th, and a full schedule will be published by mid-October. Here are the types of content that schedule will include:

Current Kubernetes Contributor Workshop and Learning Track

  • Documentation sprint
  • Deep-dive workshops on Kubernetes contribution topics like API review and test failure troubleshooting

Unconference Track

  • Full day of sessions
  • Topics to be proposed and chosen at the Social Event and during breakfast on Monday.

Technical Discussions

  • Current KEPs and development efforts that require community-wide decisions and awareness
  • Reviews of changes to architecture, standards and practices over the last year
  • Project operations, including release engineering, test infra, and build and test using KinD

Sustainability Discussions

  • Growing our project through building roles, mentoring how tos, retaining contributors, and how to work across different continents

SIG Meet & Greet

  • The SIG Meet and Greet is a great place for SIGs to recruit contributors, and for aspiring contributors to get to know more about the SIGs and what they do
Active Contributor Registration

With over 3000 Kubernetes committers across 190+ repositories and limited accommodations, this registration page is for active contributors to the upstream project. If you are active but not yet a member to the GitHub org, consider applying for membership! The process is as easy as creating an issue.

Registration Dates:
September 4th – Registration open to active members of a Kubernetes GitHub organization, reviewers, approvers, and committee members.
October 28th – Registration open to general contributors.

Important Note:
Your registration will be listed as “pending” until reviewed by the Contributor Summit events team. A separate confirmation email will be sent after review.