March 7 - 8, 2019
Hong Kong


Hyperledger Bootcamp is where we help get community members up to speed on how to contribute. Most of the participants are fairly new and we understand that contributing to your first project can be a be daunting. This process takes the fear out of the process. For existing contributors and maintainer, this is the ideal place to recruit more help for your project or group.

Who Attends

Who should attend and why? Anyone that wants to contribute. This includes: developers, designers, writers, organizers, artists, and of course Project managers. Anyone that needs contributions. There isn’t a better place to recruit and get to know new participants. Don’t limit yourself to thinking the only contributions you need at first are code! Most contributors start out by fixing documentation and creating or flushing our bug reports. Then they often move to fixing small bugs before making larger contributions. Also an OSS community doesn’t thrive if it isn’t diverse. You need writers, designers, and project managers etc. Include them in your plans.