June 11 - 14, 2019
Kista Convention Center
Stockholm, Sweden



The LF Networking (LFN) Developer Design Forum (DDF) + Plugfest is the principal technical event for LFN projects. The next event will be held June 11-14, at the Kista Convention Center (Kistamässan), in Stockholm, Sweden. This event fosters collaboration both within and across the various technical communities under the LFN umbrella, including ONAP, OPNFV, OpenDaylight, and Tungsten Fabric. This is the second co-located DDF and Plugfest, following the first such event, held in January, in Saclay, France.

The LFN DDF + Plugfest is focused on developer and engineer collaboration opportunities. The ONAP community will be working toward the El Alto and Frankfurt release while the OPNFV community will be focused on testing the Hunter release. There will also be ample opportunities for cross-project collaboration around automated testing, CI/CD, Lab-as-a-Service, infrastructure, the OPNFV Verification Program (OVP), documentation, and other ways to increase collaboration and operational excellence across projects. Attendees may attend project meetings, demos, hackfest activities, plugfest activities, as well as sessions specifically designed to encourage cross-community collaboration on subjects of mutual interest (e.g., test, infra).

In addition, participants are encouraged to do “hands on” work, resolving bugs, and conducting interoperability testing, using remote connections to their hardware resources, as part of the Plugfest portion of the event. Participants will be provided with a dedicated space, where they may work, uninterrupted, separate from the main meeting area.

Who Attends? The most common job types are Architects and Developers and other represented groups include Network Operations, Project/Program Manager, Sales & Marketing, Executives, and Students.