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SIF F2F Guidelines for Contributor Summit Barcelona 2019

SIG Chairs should use this form to register interest in a F2F during the Contributor Summit in Barcelona on Monday, May 20, 2019. Important: We will try to accommodate all requests, but space is limited.

How are SIG F2F meetings different from SIG Deep Dives and Intros being held during KubeCon?

These SIG F2F meetings should be solely focused on contributors, whereas the deep dives and intros are for discussions with consumers, users, and contributors.

For example, the F2F meetings would be a good place to discuss issues internal to your SIG to work on processes and other issues that have the biggest impact on contributors.

Information Required

  • Name of person requested F2F
  • Your primary email
  • GitHub Handle
  • SIG Name
  • Approximate number of attendees
  • What do you plan to do during your F2F (a couple bullet points/sentences are fine)
  • What do you hope to walk away with after the F2F has concluded?

What We Will Provide

  • Round tables and chairs in shared rooms where other SIGs will also be meeting, so plan to keep the noise at a minimum and be respectful of the other SIGs sharing the space.
  • Breakfast, lunch and other refreshments throughout the day

What We Will NOT Provide

  • Because it is a shared space, you will not have access to a projector/beamer.
  • F2F meetings will not have audio or video recordings.