Co-Located Best Practices + Event Guide

Thank you for co-locating your event with Kubernetes Forums Sydney + Seoul!

Co-Located events will be held on day 2 of Kubernetes Forums. Platinum and gold CNCF members doing diamond sponsorships and co-located events at both locations get first priority, then other organizations doing diamond and co-located events at both locations, then platinum and gold members doing other sponsorships, then everyone else.

In order to meet the needs of all events and create the best possible experience for attendees, we have assembled the following co-located event guidelines.

Things to note
• Companies hosting co-located events must be a sponsor of the Kubernetes Forum the event is co-locating with.
• Companies are asked to choose between four co-located event packages.
• Seating for events must be set in classroom seating.
• Co-located events will run from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (in some cases 3:00 PM), with access to the room starting at 8:00 AM.
• Any receptions must be held off-site, unless held within your meeting room, during the allotted event time.
• Co-located events can charge extra to attend their co-located event, though we would recommend against it. If you do so, we’ll collect the money as part of the registration and pass it on to you, minus the credit card fees.
• In terms of using Kubernetes in the title of your event, please follow the Correct and Incorrect usage examples in the Linux Foundation trademark guide.
• Your event name will be listed on the website as Event Name hosted by Company Name.
• Provide us with a contact email to be listed on the website so attendees are able to ask additional questions.
• Submit website updates directly to the co-lo manager, a shared google doc with highlights of changes is preferred or notify the co-lo team in writing when updates are needed. To maintain a uniform website, all co-located events will be listed with: Title, Date, Time, Location, Registration Fee, 300-word max description and external event link.
• All attendees, including speakers and staff, MUST be registered for the Kubernetes Forum they are co-locating with. Let us know if you need discount or comp codes to register for your co-located event.
• Attendee information that will be shared will be first name, last name, company name, title, country, state or region, session status (accepted or waitlist), dietary restrictions and email address. Waitlist contact information will be shared but we require that you only use this to send information about your event and not as a contact list.
• Once your event sells out, a waitlist will be enabled and your event will be marked as “Sold Out, Waitlist Available” on the Co-Located event website.
• Event topics are not exclusive to one event.

Best Practices
• Make sure you have budget set aside for any of the items your event requires but are not included in the package. Examples being – food at breaks and lunch, additional AV needs, hardline internet for your presenter, power for attendees and session recording.
• All activities, including meals, must take place in your meeting room.
• Post your event details early so that people can plan their travel.
• Create an external website that can be linked on the co-located event page. Only the event title and description will be listed in Sched, starting mid-October. An external link to your full agenda can be added to the co-located page at any time.
• You will need at least 2 people to staff your event check-in at a table provided in front of your meeting room.
• Wi-Fi best practices- Send all packets and download information to attendees prior to the event as no amount of bandwidth is guaranteed to support 100+ people doing this all at once. Please be sure to order a hardline if you plan to demo.

You can view published co-located events here.

In order to have your co-located event listed on the website and registration form, Please provide the following information no later than Friday, November 1st 2019.

Information Needed to Post Event

• Pre-event coordinator name and email address
• Onsite event coordinator name, email address and cell phone number
• Official event title – Event Name hosted by Company Name
• 300 word (maximum) event description
• Event time frame (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM or less)
• Link to external event site
• Email address for questions

What’s Included in your Package
• Meeting space + classroom setup. Classroom setup is required for all co-located events and all activities, including meals, must take place in your meeting room.
• Meeting space from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (3:00 PM in some cases) on the day of the event.
• Conference Wi-Fi
• Audio Visual (AV) Services: (1) projector, (1) screen, (1) wireless presenter, basic audio, (2) microphones
• In-room AV technician for the duration of your event
• Meeting room + wayfinding signage
• Contact information of attendees registered: First name, last name, company, title, country, state/region and email address
• (1) session scanner for managing onsite registration
• (1) Kubernetes Forum Pass
• Catering – AM break, lunch and PM break
• On-site event support
• Marketing and promotion featured placement on Kubernetes Forum website and registration form
• Manage event registration and fee collection, less credit card processing fees
• Registration table and two chairs located in front of your room for attendee check-in

Additional items to keep in mind and will need to be paid for and ordered separately:
• Additional AV – a second screen, additional microphones, etc.
• Dedicated internet – hardline

All of these items will be at the organizer’s expense and will need to be ordered and paid for directly with the venue/service provider. Please email Megan, to request pricing for your additional needs.

Included in your audio visual set-up is the following:

• One (1) Projector
• One (1) Screen
• One (1) Wireless presenter
• Basic audio package
• Two (2) microphones
• On-site AV Tech
• Conference WiFi

Post-Event Payment
If you are charging a fee for your event, The Linux Foundation will pass through registration revenue less the credit card and registration processing fees. Within 30 day post-event you will receive an email noting your revenue less fees with instructions to submit an invoice to The Linux Foundation for payment payment. If you are donating your fees to the Diversity Scholarship, we will let you know the final amount donated.



Microsoft Azure


F5 Networks
Google Cloud
IBM – Black
Red Hat
Samsung SDS


Instana – Robot


Man Technology
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